Supreme Joy

It's been a long time in the planning and making but I finally picked up my new log today. Having had a big input in the design and shaping I was a little apprehensive she wouldn't look like I'd pictured. She didn't, the tint was a little lighter, the pink was slightly subtler all in all it was better, all expectations were exceeded, phew. Only downside is in his haste Chris forgot to sign it but like I said, it won't surf any the worse for it.

Then debated on getting in for  little wave this afternoon but as the wind had swung onshore I decided I was going to make she'd cured properly and save it for a properly nice clean day. I imagine there's nothing worse than having a crap first surf on a new board.


  1. Katy that's a BEAUT! bet you'll love it. The color looks ace!

    Monday could be perfect logging weather if you've got anywhere that shields a bit of north!

    what were the dims again?

  2. oooohhhhmygod, one word:

  3. Oh thank you, isn't she just?!
    CP, yeah happy with the colour even though I was aiming more minty green, think it turned out better.
    Tomorrow think I'll be hitting up Praa, was looking pretty nice down there today but was working, boo.
    Dimensions....L:9'2 N:19", M:23" T:17" Th:3 1/4"
    Bit of a monster, built for the small clean days!!

  4. There certainly won't be any problems spotting you in the lineup now. Beauty!

  5. Haha, the giant humbug! Do paddle over and say hi if you spot me patrolling the waters of West Cornwall!