Roid Week 2010

It's Roid Week 2010 on Flickr, nearly over now but it's been a great way of sharing and finding new images with other Polaroid lovers out there.

Go lose yourself here for a minute or two


  1. I know someone who's got Haemorrhoids does that count?

  2. Yeah, why don't you get and old camera, take a picture of them and send it in, I'm sure it'd be appreciated!

  3. wow, about the california thing, that would be AMAZING!
    i know we're planning on couchsurfing up in san francisco for a couple of days, and spending some time in LA- I'd quite like to see some friends in Orange County and maybe go surf with them, but not so sure...
    Know of any good breaks, suitable for my beginner friend, and where we'd be able to rent wetsuits/boards (I'm pretty sure the Pacific is as cold as woolie at this time of year!)
    That and any other info would be so awesome!!!