Yesterday was a good day.  My birthday coincided with a nice bit of swell. So a crew of my buddies descended on Porthtowan for an evening surf.  It'd been fairly grey all day but the sun finally peeked out through the clouds, it was a fairly clean 3ft, some nice long rides to be had. I love surfing with mates.  Good.
Secondly, Sketchboard over there parted with a Cornish member of his 70s skateboard collection.  When he saw my last post he decided it was too much of a family heirloom to keep hold of so passed it on to me, very touching.

So here it is, pictured 19 years years on from the picture in my previous post. It's about 40 years old.  Dad skated it down Godrevy hill, oncoming car resulted in a bail into the hedge and a broken wrist. It's tiny, it won't be going anywhere near that hill any time soon. 

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