Old School

Going through some photos with Ma last night, found this old pic of me aged 8 on a homemade skateboard dad made when he was a kid. It's in my grandparents backyard, I remember finding it in their coal shed, they used to use it to wheel out bags of rubbish. I was so excited. After a lot of pleading with Nan and Paps to part with it, it now resides in Sketchboard's collection.
Interestingly when my buddy GH saw this pic earlier, he pointed out I have much the same stance when I surf, and I still stick my tongue out!

Dad claims he invented the skateboard(!), he made it years before they were available in the shops (in the UK at least) by dismantling a pair of old roller-skates, hammering out the trucks and attaching them to a bit of rounded off wood.


  1. Yeh sorry about the sideswipe there, but it was a present one year! besides I replaced the bin board with a new setup, now your paps can skoot it back up the garden and work on his bert slides.
    Can I leave it too you in my will?

  2. Hi Wheardo

    I've got something to ask ya, if you are interested please give me a holler (email at the bottom of my list on me blog). Just something fun to do...

  3. hello could you send me your email thanks