Aborted surf mission

So I was hoping to get in for a wave this weekend but by the time I got to the beach the NErlys had whipped up and it was just a chest high slop. Now on the one hand I was a little bummed cos I had my new polypro hooded rashie to try out, but on the other hand the wind chill must've been about -40ÂșC so there's a small part of me that was mildly releived it just wasn't worth it. Lame I know but the thought of exposing myself to the elements when there's snow on the ground is not one I relish. Particularly when I got to the beach to find snow had actually settled on the sand.

These are my first diana+ shots, bought the camera about a year ago but this is the first time I've got round to using it, bit crap and out of focus but I had fun snapping away nonetheless


  1. isn't the slightly out of focus thing partly the point? thats my excuse anyway!

  2. haha, yeah I suppose, but the rest were reeeally out of focus so I'm blaming shakey hands and being on the wrong setting! ah well, fun times. so exciting actually going to fetch the pictures, old school.