The eagle has landed.....
My much awaited copy of ladies surf flick Dear & Yonder finally arrived and what can I say, it lived up to all expectations. I first blogged on it back in August, however the DVD's release took ages and unfortunately the screening skipped Britain but I've finally seen it and it was fab. Shot on 16mm, with a lilting voice-over of the history of women's surfing, some archival footage and a few abstract scenes it felt very Sprout-esque, not bad thing and unsurprising considering one of the filmmakers was Thomas Campbell's wife Tiffany.
The film documents all walks of wave riding life with longboarding, bodysurfing, WCT surfers and sailing solo on a big boat across big seas. The individuals it profiles are all really inspiring, impressive women. I think my favourite part is Judith Sheridan bodysurfing Mavericks. Ballsy.
The soundtrack rocked with music from current favourite Band of Horses, as well as Feist, Calexico, King City and Black Mountain amongst loads of other gooduns I've not come across.
I really think it is beautifully shot and edited, with some epic surfing sequences it should appeal to man and women alike.

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