I'm fairly new to the world of photography, or at least in any artistic(ish) sense, however when a friend got in touch a week or so ago to say he'd inherited over twenty or so cameras, triple that number of lenses and all sorts of random accessories I was pretty excited. He hit me up cos he's seen me at the surf club snapping away on my old polaroid land camera.
The sight I was greeted with was pretty spectacular, vintage cameras, new DSLRs, all sorts of SLRs, TLRS, leicas, minoltas, mamiyas, a couple of hasselblads, rolleis, medium format, large format, you name it, it was there. The down side being my extremely limited knowledge meant I was fairly clueless as to what I was looking at but it was pretty special to behold, a lifetime of collecting.
I came away with this little gem, the only polaroid in the collection, but a beauty nonetheless.


  1. Oh cool, SX-70s are ace, hope it works!

    (I'd give my right arm for that stash...what an awesome inheritance)

  2. Yeah, amazing hey. Unfortunately the recipient wasn't a photog fanatic so it's been boxed up and shipped of to Christies
    Now just got to save the pennies for some film!