Mother dear, she made me a sock.

A bit like your granny knitting you socks but better....
Ma is a bit of a whiz on the old singer, thought I better get her to whip up something extra special for my new log. 
I took a trip to the local charity shops, came home with an old kilt, a pair of curtains, a blazer, a skirt and a pair of jeans, added a couple lengths of sturdy cotton to the mix and voila!
Saw a pic of one similar online somewhere that I can't for the life of me remember where, inspired me, (well, should I say inspired me to get ma...) to do a bit of 'make do and mend' style DIY.

Thanks moose. xx


  1. awesome'ness… must get the missus to make me one, she's been doing a quilting course, but judging by how long a bedspread took might be a year long project! ;)

  2. Photo looks so nice, shame the stonework hasn't been re-pointed.

  3. DON'T mention the pointing!

    Finshack - funny you should mention a painfully long quilt project, I have one half finished tucked away in a cupoboard somewhere! Can't rush these things!


    Made by a fine young lady of significant talent, should you be looking for a daringly dapper board cover