The best post-surf invention ever?

I like a nice cup of tea, I especially like a nice cup of tea after a surf. For those of us not yet blessed with a VW California or some other such 'home on wheels'-wagon equipped with a gas ring, the Kelly Kettle could be your new best friend (haha I sound like a walking advert).
I don't know how it's taken me this long to find it but it is AMAZING!! I stumbled across it a couple of months back, frothed over it for a while and finally took the plunge and bought one (£37 - not the cheapest cup of tea ever, but multiply that but lots and I'm on a winner).
Took it out with us last week. Basically it's a bowl on a sort of double skinned billy can with a hole up the middle, you find some stuff to burn, stick it in the bowl and ingnite, the hole acts as a big chimney, water goes in the side spout and because of the big surface area the water heats up really quickly. Boiling enough water for 4 cups of Sri Lanka's finest in less than 4 minutes. Time wise, it actually kicks the gas ring's ass!
One hitch, there's lest combustible stuff in the dunes than anticpiated. We found more fuel lying around the car park, namely 3 ice-lolly sticks, half a peg and a pencil. Damn....we needed more.... I took it a step further and got some strange looks ferreting in the bin for discarded fish and chip wrappers...nice. Did the job though.

(Note to self, bring supply of newspaper and sticks in car next time)


  1. i'd deffo rather burn stuff and make tea, than hide away in a camper...not that i'm bitter...honest...maybe dig a hole and bury some firewood for next time...

  2. Aah good thinking, although knowing me I'll forget where it's buried