So, I found this blog last year where some funny, slightly bizarre chaps (who am I to judge?!) were heading off down the west coast of France on a cycling/surfing tour.  It made for good reading for a few weeks, but like all good things, it came to an end... 
But not quite, some months later I see a little newspaper in production, brillo! Oh I do love the feel of paper in my hands and print before my eyes rather than the characterless 'puter screen. The paper is a compendium of anecdotes and funky pics, good stuff. Check out their trip here


  1. oh wow, i just checked them out, and they seem so cool.
    i want to go for a beer with them... and possibly marry one.
    awesome find- good surf with you??

  2. Ha, nutter.
    yep, some good waves rolling in the past week. I'm out of the office for 6 weeks so making the most of water-time. I LIIIKKKKE!!

  3. argh, jealous... although saying that, i've got a trip down to the homebeach planned for this weekend!
    p.s. you don't have any pull with the factory media group do you??

  4. hey holly, forgot to reply to your comment, umm no don't know them, sorry dear!
    you had you cali trip yet?