A to B

The surf's a bit crap, so tonight the lads and I piled in the WCA landy, got deposited at the neighbouring beach and paddled from A to B.  
I feel pretty unfit at the moment and I've not paddled the route on a board before, so was feeling a little nervous, figuring it would take at least an hour and not knowing if my spaghetti arms would hold up. 
It was rather choppy, so after a couple of attempts knee paddling, I couldn't find a rhythm, so proned it all the way. My neck is not thanking me for that AT ALL.
I wore my 1mm neoprene top, half way was feeling pretty chilly, catching a little a wave up the beach it was like having a bucket of icy water thrown over me, brrr, and it's nearly June...
Time...45.04 min, it's a start.

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