The surf checker

This is my bike, it's hefty and doesn't go up hills very fast.
I've seen pretty idealistic footage of girls in cali cruisin' down to their local break on bikes like these with big logs under their arms.  Well, life isn't quite how it looks in the movies.  I daren't pedal the mean streets of the village with my beloved log, firstly the take no prisoners 'ped gang of PT would have me in the hedge in no time and secondly cos I'm sure one gust of wind and me and my board would end up in a dinged up heap in the road. 
So it comes out to make the 200m trip down to eyeball the waves. There's a big hill in the other direction, so that's it. The bike shop told me to bring it in after it's first 100 miles for a service. Umm ok, it might be a while...


  1. I once had the same thought of the pictuesque girl, cruising down the Santa Monica strand with a nice log, tucked under the arm. Ha. Tried that. Here I go, on my dinky little bike from Redondo, through Hermosa to the end of Manhattan (a good six miles) with my 9'2" weighing roughly a thousand pounds and still somehow fling like a sail. I almost hit a thousand poles, clunked down curbs, and a few guys offered help. I must have looked pretty bad. But I did it. Maybe I should invest in a rack...

  2. Impractical, possibly the most non aerodynamic form of transport known to man, bet hey they are super fun to ride (&undeniably cool) Luckily i have a few miles to go to the beach so thats my excuse for not attempting it with a board ;-)

  3. thanks!

    ohh redondo, manhattan, hermosa....JEALOUS!!

    fun to ride for about half an hour then my legs feel like jelly, even on the supposedly flat tram trails round here!