Aye aye

All the parts of the new log are coming together nicely, had my final sanding session yesterday. Just waiting on some volan to come in from the USA and it'll be good to go.
Ordered a couple of fins from the Capatain, they arrived on Friday much to my excitement. Opening the box I nearly died, the D-fin is frigging massive (I included the 10p coin for scale!), I bought it just out of sheer intrigue, want to know how one surfs, like a turd I expect but gotta try these things. The big ol keel is going to be my main fin, she'll go like a speed boat!

So all's looking good for summer, first blog of BST, I've missed you my dear!!

Oh and am I getting soft in my old age? cos I was out for a surf a couple of days ago, went through a couple of waves, wanted to cry the ice-cream was splitting my head in two so badly, so up went the hood, it's nearly the end of March??!!!


  1. Nice looking fins!

    The water never really warmed up after a poor summer last year and what with a super long cold winter, we're going to need a pretty warm spring to get those temps up! It's still only 7degs here .

  2. Cheers dude! can't wait to get them in the water.
    Same, we might be pushing 8 if we're lucky, it better be a long hot summer!!

  3. Oh my god that D fin is awesome! I've never tried one before, be interested to know how you get on.

    It's starting to feel warm in the water now if there's no wind, but I wish it would hurry up and get properly warm - I can't wait to ditch the 5/4.