Decal Dilemma

So I've spent the best part of a year conjuring up my dream board design. I've given hours of my life to discussing & pondering shapes and sizes. I've given nearly two days over to shaping it, steady now. A lot of thought has gone into tint/paint job, let's face it, after shape that's next important. So I don't want to fall at the last hurdle.
Chris (legend), having been in the shaping industry for decades has gone through numerous manifestations of his logo.
Question is, do I go full on old school and go with the decal he was using 30 or more years ago (notice the similarities to the old-school Tris logo...same artist)? Do I go a bit retro 80s, or do I take a more clean line approach with his current logo.
Hmm tough choice.
Quite taken with the original Alias brand but don't think it'll be much in keeping with the tint/spray job.

Neon 80s it is then....


  1. For what it's worth. As much as I love ye olde skool, in this instance my vote would be his current logo - nice and simple. But I haven't seen your spray job etc, so I'm sure whichever you choose it'll be a winner!

  2. I was leaning towards the pink, but I had a good think about it and I think you're right. The novelty might wear off neon. Simple is good.

  3. wow the alias decal must be an antique a bit of a tweaker i'd go for that one...but thinking about it you'd have to explain about the alias-chris jones thing which i imagine would get tiresome!

  4. yeah the alias decal does have a good bit of history and looks rad, just don't know if it'd go with the spray, mixing up my eras. arrgh gonna have to make my mind up soon!

  5. The current logo will one day (at some point) be replaced. In which case it then too becomes 'the old logo' so to speak.
    The board is being made now, so I would say the current logo would be fitting surely?

  6. Good point, well made.
    Aah the decisions

  7. I'm terrible at deciding these things too. I'd stick with the current logo unless Chris has a specific logo he uses for trad boards. I like the logo that's in the bottom of the middle picture though...

  8. It's done, I've gone current.
    Thanks all for your inputs!