I'm all for the quirky and little bit different. Californian wetsuit brand Candy producing some funky off the wall wetties.....just for the laydeees.




  1. That's funny, I was just drooling over those last week. I looove the top one, maybe Snugg/Neon could make something similar, I need a new summer suit (when it gets warmer!)

  2. Yeah that's my fave too! Love the armless/over-jacket combo!
    I got snugg make me a retro really short leg long arm suit a few years ago, Malcolm thought I was nuts and rarely am I brave enough to wear it (always feel a bit too pasty and pale) but it fits sooo well, and neon's got some ace designs. custom is the way forward!

  3. Love the top one! I want one for summer! If it just was here yet...
    There is so many colour combinations though..what to choose? Hmmm...
    maybe you need a few, ha ha!!

  4. Not long to go! Evenings are getting lighter, get feb out the way and it'll feel positively tropical!
    Top one seems to be everyone's fave. One in each colour?... you're a girl after my own heart!!

  5. Do they do crochless?