Boo hoo

The trouble with surfing is that it's such a flipping laugh that as soon as you've satiated the appetite for a wave, you're back planning, checking, sussing out when you might get in again. This appetite for wave riding, coupled with limited daylight opportunities this time of year AND setting up a company is very hard work. In my case I'm sharing only a fraction of the burden of the planning and organising but it means the majority of my spare time is taken up with 'jobs'. So when I'd spent two full days this weekend scotchbrighting, hammeriting, scrubbing and someone told me it was shoulder high and clean as a whistle on the south coast on Saturday and similar on the north coast on Sunday I wanted to cry, cos all of a sudden it's Monday again and I'm back at my desk for another week.
Boo hoo, woe is me. 
So if you had a fab surf or two this weekend, tell me all about it as I sit here sucking lemons!


  1. Well I hit the south coast after college on Saturday, it was good, but I think I missed the best of it. Godrevy looked amazing on Sunday but I only had my noserider with me so we went somewhere else and paddled out just as the tide dropped onto a really dumpy sandbar. Now stuck in the office for the rest of the week. Ho hum!

  2. Hmm join the club, I'm taking a leaf out of your book and avoiding chcking the swell when I know full well the nearest I'm gettin to a log is the one I'm chuckin in the woodburner!

  3. Yup - know the feeling, What about when it's actually firing and the light is good and you're on the beach shooting friends instead of in the water. Reaping and sowing. I guess. Maintain the stoke.

  4. Stoke's Friday!
    I know what you mean but I think I'd rather be there watching all my friends enjoy it than not being there at all, there's nothing worse when you know it's firing, everyone is out having a ball and you're stuck in the office....hideousness!!