Shedding the prejudices...

I'm guilty, as many of you probably are, of having the odd whinge about the waves getting more crowded, about learners getting in the way and old farts fishing on sit on top kayaks.
Well this summer has shifted my perspectives.
I've just returned to my 'proper job' after six weeks out of the office helping run our new fledgling company, West Cornwall Adventure, and it's taught me a few things.
WCA is an ocean based adventure activities company that runs coasteering, sea and surf kayaking and surf school sessions.
As we were setting up the company I'd get the odd comment about 'why do you want to encourage even more people to start surfing?'
My answer, 'it's fun, why shouldn't more people get to experience that?'
For the vast majority of 'learners', they come down to the coast for their annual holiday, have a surf lesson, maybe stand up, and go away stoked if they do.  End of story.  These guys crowd the white water, so what? If you really can't stand the sight of blue and yellow foam boards floating around the nearshore, just go and surf somewhere else, there's plenty of surf school free waves.
For me though, seeing the supreme joy on kids faces as they get to their feet for the first time never ceases to bring a smile to my face, to think I've helped in that process is cool.
As for sit on tops, don't knock it til you try it, I've explored far more of the coast this year than I have in all my previous years combined. I've found new caves, coves, plunge pools and watery routes around the rocks that I would never have seen had I just stuck to surfing.
On a flat, suuny day nothing beats a cruise round the coast, after all, it's just another excuse to get in the water.
It's been hard work, tiring, sometimes stressful but on the whole, very rewarding.
Fun times.
And now that I'm back at my desk, as predicted, the wind has swung around, there's a south easterly blowing, there's a swell on the way and the sun is shining.
Told you so.
Pic 1 thanks to Ben Selway, video Mr Boogtique and pic 2 Studiograff


  1. I think I'm the most guilty of this griping... altho having the entirety of my local beach taken over one weekend by an inter-uni sea-kayak competition could have been a reasonable cause for complaint! However, on the other hand, by monday I had the empty waves to myself and they were all back in lectures! Win!

  2. Good for you I say, the more people that can be taught good watercraft skills the better, rather than the naive crowds who are danger to themselves and others. Share the stoke!