Cali calling

Unintentionally, two of my latest music purchases have a distinctly Californian feel, Best Coast self entitled album and Admiral Radley's 'I Heart California.'  
Maybe my purchases are telling me something, maybe I need to go back over there and find out.
Sadly not to be, work commitments means it's only a slim possibility I'll even leave the country this year. On a positive note my carbon footprint is tiny, so I can be a smug greeny. Just for this year though. I'm getting the itch to wander.
Oh well, my own little piece of Americana will be taking residence soon, froth froth.
Standby for further details...


  1. if you like best coast, try a bit of 'washed out' too 'feel it all around' is a good place to start:

  2. Ooh, thanks for the suggestion, I like it! Always keen to hear new music, thanks

  3. ooh another best coast fan :) love them!