Non seafaring activities

I've just about recovered from my epic mission last Friday to see Band of Horses in Oxford. I don't do mega late night long drives without resembling a nodding dog too well, but it was well worth the 9hr round trip (made slightly longer by me chewing off Sketchboard's ear and missing the turn off the motorway...twice).
Nice to have a late afternoon stroll round the city in summertime, it brought back lots of memories and seeing stressed out younguns mid-finals reminded me I was wearing my rose tinted specs, it wasn't all hedonistic good fun. Mostly, but not all.  
Felt like a right old tourist busting out the roid to get a couple of shots of the Sheldonian and Rad Cam. 

Gig was absolutely awesome, it has ramped up my enthusiasm for the band to a new level.  Was fretting my favourite song wasn't going to get played, but after a supremely long wait for the encore, they belted it out second to last song. Yewwwww.

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  1. After some prompting, and I believe that made a change to the playlist.