It takes shape...


  1. I'm gonna go and take a look at it tomorrow. Your gonna need fang to help you carry this beast!

  2. Ooooh new board, how exciting! When will it be finished?

    My red board is at Fluid Juice being patched up at the moment, just as the swell picks up...

  3. haha yeah we'll have to walk down the beach twos up!

    Unlucky Rebecca, least it'll be all lovely and ready to go pre-summer!
    Mine's going to take a little while yet, got a bit more sanding to do then just waiting on some volan to ship from the US. As long as it's done by summer I'll be happy!

  4. Yewww! Looks an absolute beaut, can't wait to get my grubby feet on it and feel the glide...

    Or maybe not, you prob won't let me touch it with a barge pole!

    But of course I'll help you carry it down the beach. That's what fang is for!

    When will it be done? Shape faster, shape faster!

  5. Of course you can have a go! As long as you're a good 400m from any people, surf craft, rocks, marine life etc