Been having a few roid troubles (pola that is) so was glad to get it up and running this weekend. I took these stormy snaps yesterday, the wind was so cold I couldn't even imagine getting changed and going in the sea.
I'm getting a bit frustrated at the moment, office hours and rubbish conditions at the weekend mean I've not surfed for a while and I'm missing it! Magiclieweed always shows such promise for the weekend on Monday/Tuesday but it always seems to slowly deteriorate by Thursday/Friday. I'm sure if I had time to go looking there's always somewhere sheltered and offshore, but short of dedicating my entire weekends to hunting for waves (which, whilst trying to set up a business is a no no) I'm not going to be getting in much. Boo hoo.
So the broken record repeats itself...roll on summer.
On the surf related plus side the surf jumble held at St Merryn this weekend was a great little social gathering, picked myself up a couple of bargain DVDs that have been on the shopping list for a while. Coupled with copious amounts of tea, fab carrot cake and longboard wishlist chat I thorougly enjoyed it (even though with all my shopping I only came away a fiver up!).


  1. Magiclieweed.
    thats brilliant, i'm gonna use that from now on.

  2. love your polaroids. what film and camera do you use for these?

  3. Thanks very much. It was my first go on that camera, quite pleased with it. It's a polaroid 340 (ebay bargain) and I used 699 film.