Summer blues got the better of me...

So I shipped out to Morocco.

Winter's hardly begun but I was overwhelmed with the desire to feel the sun on my face and stave off chilly winter water, just for one more week.
It's been on my list of surf trips for a while, and apart from the huge swell with raging onshores at the end of the week, reminding me far too much of what I was likely to be returning home to, it was great. An eclectic mix of beach break, point break, reef and a sweet cruisey right-hander at a local secret spot made for some great sessions.

Crappy conditions during the last couple of days saw me head for Marrakech. It's hard to describe the craziness of that city, in the walled medina with Jemaa el Fna at it's centre it's like stepping back into biblical times. In the souks with miles of stalls of everything from leather pouffs to spices to jewellery it's easy to get lost for hours. Snake charmers, performing monkeys, bands, story tellers, juice bars and food stalls selling everthing from escargot to 'lady's fingers' cram into the square at night making for an assault on the senses.
Waves, sun and a bit of sight seeing, couldn't ask for anything more.


  1. Good move - hope you scored

  2. I am so jealous, I would kill for a bit of Immesouanne right now. How hot was it?

    I was supposed to be going back out there in February but my job's a bit shaky at the moment so I've decided to be sensible (boring) and not go. Boo hoo.

  3. coast about 25º, nice, roasting in the city though, low 30s.
    I was further north near cherrat, would like to check immsouane though, looks fab.
    sensible is never fun, especially not in february, but probably for the best. Although flights from bristol are pretty cheap!!