Sketch Holiday

The pending Switchfoot release has prompted me to blog about one of my favourite artists. Harry Daily, otherwise known as Harry the Hat, featured prominently throughout the last book and I believe will do so in the second installment. I first stumbled across his work a number of years ago when I was living in Australia, in a tiny little art gallery called Sheoak, on a quiet road in Fingal. I felt his washed out, floaty slightly nostalgic images really conveyed what a day at the beach or on the water is all about. He really captures the essence of escapism. Ooh I almost got a bit deep there.
Unfortunately I missed his exhibition at the Driftwood Gallery when he was touring with the first Switchfoot release but I was lucky enough to see a few small paintings at the Happening last summer.
The image above is a print on canvass that takes pride of place in my house, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to have a real one.
I hate to be repetitive but.....roll on summer, not that bikinis feature widely in British surf sessions!

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