Winter is a coming

There was a nip in the air today, it was grey, spitting and a cold wind was blowing. So I did the unthinkable and trialled the new winter wetsuit, err and we're only in the single digits of October. Laaaaame.
Well I soon had my comeuppance when the wind died and the clouds thinned, I was happily playing in a cleanish high tide couple of foot but I was roasting, I swear sea water didn't even make it through the neoprene, bodes well for winter though, which is on it way quicker than ever. The light has changed and it's getting dark waaay too early but the autumnal evenings can be pretty spectacular. This was 6.00pm trotting across the cliffs with father ol' man and the hounds, 6pm and the sun was on it's way down, booo.

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