Viva Polaroid!

I got an email update today from 'the impossible project' a group of instant film die hards that are campaigning to reinstate production of Analogue instant film by 2010. Polaroid instant film ceased production in 2008, impossible b.v acquired the film production equipment and have since been working within a limited timeframe to develop a new take on analogue film.
Today an announcement was made that Polaroid has been inspired to re-release one of it's iconic instant cameras. Sweeeeet. I always remember as a kid being totally awestruck by the idea that a camera could spit out a picture, job done. I've been cruising ebay for for a few weeks now and managed to pick up an old beaut for 99p, I'll standby with childish anticipation for results.

Don't undertake a project, unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible - Edwin Land, inventor of Instant Photography

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