Every cloud has its silver lining, sort of.

Ok so I'm scraping the barrel to stay positive about the crappy lack of daylight we now have, but here goes......for a brief spell we get early dawnies back (not the end of BST still dark at half seven dawnie but the proper early set the alarm for 6 dawnie), meaning more water time before work. Although it'll only last a few weeks it's now light again at half six, yay!

Was that convincing?

No, didn't think so either.

However, yesterday's sunrise and big empty lineup was worth the stumble out of bed. The only downside being this small weekday window of opportunity is easily messed up by the tides. Yesterday was all about the balls of steel late takeoffs and crazy closeouts. Not the most relaxing of early morning surfs but I still got to sit at my desk all salt encrusted smug in the knowledge that I'd already done something fun with my day and it was only nine o'clock.
(By the way, the top pic is a puddle in the beach carpark, sun rising over the dunes. Not a lake in some exotic country as someone suggested!)


  1. That line-up shot is sweet

  2. Sweeeeet piccies!
    I enjoyed watching you take the late take offs and steep drops into the close outs after I couldn't be bothered to get hammered in the dumping beasts anymore!
    Wheardo has no fear, NO FEAR I tell thee....

  3. Tis indeed, it was just after we got out on tuesday morning, not surfed lowish tide upton in a while, not quite as mellow as it looks!