September comes with mixed emotions.

I love the stormy swells, the fact the water is still warm enough for a 3/2 and that generally more relaxed feel, the hectic summer is being ushered out the door making way for cosy evenings in. But that's also the sad part, no more bolting out the door from work at 5.30pm down the beach. And that's what I was reminded of this morning, it was still dark at 6.30 am when the beachcomber massif hit the water. Dawnies will soon be put to rest for another winter. But my word it was cranking this morning, and that's what September does best!


  1. How did you do that with the photo? Thats rather lush. Looks like a painting.
    Who is this beachcomber massif? They sound like a hardy bunch of cool cats!